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Sunday, January 17, 2010

... and I'll be in Scotland before ye.

A French Two Decker all sails set heads a line of warships and transports pan down to a figure standing on the Quarter Deck, General de Burre. His outfit has changed now showing the golden yellow of the Claire regiment with additional gold-lace. The ship’s Captain approaches him and clears his throat.

De Burre: What News Captain Fragossec

Fragossec: We should sight land within the next six hours, if my Navigation is correct and I have every confidence it is we should make Ayr and be off loading your men by night fall.

De Burre: If things go well you should be turned around by morning then… I appreciate the risk you taken in these narrow waters… but it seemed safer to me the easier eastern ports.

Fragossec: If mister Carriere says it’s worth the risk…(he shrugs) well as minister of War he gets to decide that it is worth the risk. I expect you have preparations to make so I’ll leave you to them. (Fragossec extends his hand Burre accepts it.)

(De Burre heads below)

After dark numerous boats filled with soldiers are off loading voices ring in French, Gaelic, and English. General Burre is at the center of the action giving orders and occasionally cursing in all three Languages. An older man with an average builds and a shock of white hair wearing the uniform of an officer in the Dillon Regiment approaches him.

White: Pardon me General some of the locals have offered to show us to his Highnesses camp! Oh and you have to sample the local spirits Sir! I do like French wine but it’s nothing like good whiskey!

Burre: Thank You Captain White! I will sample the libation as soon as is proper now get some of your men to help unloading that 3 pounder! We’ll find the Prince soon enough but I won’t get caught with one leg in the sea!

White: Get right on it General but you need not worry… only English men in the area ran away weeks ago!

Burre: Never the less get those munitions off the boats or I’ll have your lazy hide!
(Several days latter a column of Red and Blue uniforms march into the Camp of the Prince Charles.)

Burre: Col. Mixter! You damd fool where are you!

Mixter: hear Sir! Good to see you isn’t this Glorious!
(Prince Charles and his men Cheer the arival of their allies)

Burre: Aye but you were supposed to persuade him to wait until more men were available and we had kicked the damd Electors balls up between his ears in Flanders.

Mixter: well the Prince is a hard man to say no to!

Burre: (rolling his eyes) yes, I know…