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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Battle of Vienna

Set up:
Prussian center and right deployed having seized the key crossing of the Danube. The Empresses army formed up in front of them behind a tributary. They have two forts one in the right center the other the left center of their line the infantry of the Reich army in and between them. The Austrian home guard is on their left facing the Prussian right. Woods dominate the left side of the Prussian position these woods crawl with Austrian light troops, the Reich Cavalry and Hungarian Hussar corps are behind the woods facing east threatening the Prussian center.

Turn 1.
The Prussian 1st Infantry Division advanced on the bridge on the right, facing the Austrian Home guard with the 2nd Infantry Division on their left. The 7th and 8th Infantry Divisions advance toward the right most of the Austrian forts aiming at the German infantry to the left of the redoubt. The 1st Cavalry Division angled to the left guarding the flank form the threatening cavalry.

Turn 2.
The Prussian troops on the right hold position as the troops in the center move forward, Austrian Heavy Artillery begins to fire across the river. The Prussian Field Artillery unlimbers and begins to fire on the Reich Army troops. The Cavalry moves forward still staying close to the Fusiliers in the Center. The Austrians Light troops moved to the northern edge of the woods while their Hussars moved into the open space between the two woods. The Reich Cavalry Charged the 1st Cavalry Division and was driven back with significant Causalities.

Turn 3
The Prussian Left and reserves arrive. The 3rd Infantry Division is the left most formation with the Heavy Cavalry Division of the reserves on their right between the 3rd and the woods. They are on the Flank of the Hungarian Hussars. The Prussian Grenadiers appear to the right of the woods. The 1st Cavalry Charged and destroyed the remnants of the Reich Cavalry division. The 2nd Infantry division makes an abortive attack across the tributary stream but is unable to hold its position on the far side of the river. (The Austrian General is getting concerned at this point) The Hungarian Hussars commence their ‘Death ride’ striking the 1st Cavalry as hard as they can two brigades strike the 8th Cuirassiers, while the 1st/3rd Dragoons and 10th/13th Cuirassiers each face one brigade. The attack is audacious and in keeping with the best traditions of the Hungarian Light Cavalry it’s also more damaging to the Hungarians than it is to the Prussians. The Hungarian cavalry fall back in disorder.

Turn 4
In the center Prussian and Austrian artillery play across the tributary river. The 2nd Infantry division falls back across the river one of its regiment eliminated the other permanently disordered. The grenadiers Advance on the Center left and unlimber the heavy battery that accompanies them. The Prussian Cavalry advance on the Hungarian Hussars, one Brigade of Hussars is destroyed the other two are driven back. After this the Hussars again reform as best they can they cannot counter charge due to division Exhaustion but they can block and reform facing the Prussian. The Grenzers and Pandors in the woods seem to be confused that the Prussians march around them Austrian Grenadiers charge across the bridge and are driven back by the second Prussian. Regiment Duechmaster advances on the Village by the bridge and exchanges fire with the 3rd Prussian regiment and the 5th Prussian regiment.

Turn 5
The exchange of fire continues in the Center between the Artillery on both sides of the River. The 8th Prussian Division turns to the right to replace the tattered 2nd Division. The Prussian Grenadires turn to the left and march for the Flank. The Heavy Cavalry Division strikes at the Hussars, the hussars are overwhelmed two are destroyed the third and final Brigade falls back across the river. The Austrian Grenadiers again throw themselves at the 2nd Prussian and are thrown back for a second and final time; Regiment Duechmaster continues its bloody shoot out with the 3rd and 5th regiment. (The King of Prussia is impressed with the willingness of the Reich troops to counter attack.)

Turn 6
The Prussian Heavy Cavalry Division least the way across the river on the left, the 3rd Division is behind them followed by the Prussian Grenadiers and the Guard Regiment. The 8th Infantry division moves across the river on the right they and the 2nd Imperial and Austrian home guards engage in bloody melee that damages both sides. Duechmaster eliminates the 3rd Prussian regiment in fire combat then moves in to the village. The Grenzers and Pandors leave the woods and form themselves on the flank of the Grenadiers and infantry on the left though little damage was done. Bavarian troops attempt to storm across the river in the center then engage the troops of the 7th Prussian Infantry Division and are driven back in confusion.

Turn 7 and Beyond.
The 3rd Infantry division drives back the Grenzer regiments, the Grenadiers cross the river and turn right with the Heavy Cavalry at their head. Over the next two turns the Prussians Exhaust the Austrian Home Guard and Bavarian Division. Only the 1st Imperial Division clustered around the redoubt on the left. With Prussian Swords and Bayonets poised for slaughter Frederick King of Prussia offers them terms which are accepted.

The Prussian Army lost 38 Strength points or approximately 19,000 of 37,500 men. The Austrian defenders lost 51 Strength points or approximately 25,500 of 27,500 men. Yes the Austrians fought almost to the last man Luke deserves a lot of credit for playing a losing hand as well as could be expected.

Peace is negotiated in Vienna after the battle Prussia receives Silesia and France will receive the Austrian Netherlands. Milan will be occupied by France but half its resources will be sent home to Austria France Promises not to invade Venice providing them with a buffer. Austria cannot be attacked until turn 7 and must give a one turn warning if it chooses to initiate a renewal of hostilities.