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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Plan...

Location: French Minister of War Adam Carriere’s Field Headquarters somewhere in North Western France. It’s a Marquee style tent several comfortable chairs, and small tables. A large table with a map of Europe and a desk of paper work dominates the room. The left hand side of the tent shows a collection of swords and hunting weapons on right is a well stocked liquor cabinet beside it is a small table of bread, fruit and cheese precut for snaking.

The Minister himself is seated at his desk working on some document he is dressed in a well made by simple blue frock and white small cloths. A plate with the remains of a working dinner sits on the desk beside him. Another man enters the tent his uniform is red with green cuffs, and small cloths there is a not insignificant gash across the upper left sleeve of his coat. (He’s a heavily built man with dark hair and a cherub face that seems out of place on a military man).

Minister of War: Ah Gen. de Burre, you have arrived. (Scribbling a last note or signature on the document)

De Burre: I apologize m’lord for my tardiness his royal high…

Minister: (Waiving aside the apology) I understand how the Prince can be, think nothing of it. You do me a service keeping him… is that a sword cut on your sleeve? (Burre looks at his left arm apparently noticing the gash for the first time.)

De Burre: Well that dog almost did have a bite. (Burre speaks in a low voice almost to himself before continuing to the Minister) His royal highness decided to “pursue” a local wench, and her brother or lover or pimp, I didn’t ask for the details, and some friends took acceptation and came at our party swords drawn. It didn’t last long my valet killed one, I dispatched a second and left a third with a whole in his thigh and a livre or two in his hand to pay the surgeon. One of them got close to me than I thought apparently (gesturing at the damaged sleeve) but not close enough to do harm, beyond the loss of one of my better coats.

Minister: Well I was going to say you do me a service keeping the Prince ‘entertained’ but keeping him alive is a greater one. Would you care for some refreshment? I have a fresh bottle or two of Calvados and I would say you have earned a drink. (Minister Carriere goes to the liquor cabinet prepares to glasses of the golden liquid and hands one to de Burre)

De Burre: Thank you for the drink and the honor you do me.

Minister: Please we are old friends and servants in this case are an extra set of ears I do not need. I wanted to discuss a special project concerning the Prince that may impact the upcoming campaign. As you know you will be commanding the Celtic Division in Flanders but your association with Prince Charles makes you an Ideal candidate to assist me.

De Burre: I am of course at your lordships service.

Minister: First let me give you an over view of the current situation. (Both men move to the map Burre gabs a slice of bread as they go) The King of Prussia plans to launch an all out attack on Silesia and add it to his kingdom as soon as the Emperor dies. You have heard of the recent breakup of the House of Bavaria?

De Burre: Indeed I had I heard you are sheltering one of the elector’s heirs.
Minister: You are correct but for now his rival controls the country and will throw his support and with it the Reich Armiee behind Austria. The Duc de Broglie will be moving to unite with a Prussian force and deal with them. In the mean time I will have Marshal De Saxe take an army into the Austrian Netherland.

De Burre: That would trigger war with the Dutch and the English pretender.

Minister: The English and Hanoverians almost certainly I have placated the Dutch stadholders with considerable bribes and favorable trade arrangements. You and your men will be part of the attack in Flanders. Saxe’s Army is in effect a large red cape to distract the English Bull form out real targets in central Europe and Italy. At the same time we are stepping up our activities to raise support of the right full King of the United Kingdom.

De Burre: M’lord I can assure you we exiles stand ready to do our part if you can but get us across the channel.

Minister: Indeed that is the problem. Moving a large army across is a great difficulty do you think that the Prince can gain enough support to raise an army of his own?

De Burre: In Scotland yes…. In Ireland probably, though many of the most spirited are already in your ranks. In England itself I suspect most people are more indifferent then favorable. A King who arrives with an army will find the country pliable as William did. (Burre finishes his bread and washes it down with the last of his Calvados; Carriere has not drunk more than a sip or two from his glass.)

Minister: I see… Well this confirms my own feelings. To this end I want to you to go through the returns of the Irish and Scot regiments in our army and select a pick force. Send it Breast as soon as possible. Also go through the rolls of Irish and Scottish soldiers in our other regiments and use them to bring your division back up to strength or to supplement the picked force as you see fit.

De Burre: For an attack on England? I assure you volunteers will not be a problem.

Minister: I’m sure it won’t but do not let that get out say only that it is a special mission that will serve his Majesties interests. Do not mention this to the Prince at this time (Burre nods his understanding)

De Burre: Beyond selecting the picked force what role do I play in this? (Burre is tapping the table clearly trying to control a racing mind)

Minister: You will command you corps in Flanders but if our efforts are successful I intend to transfer you to command our picked force when it leaves for Scotland. I hope you will serve as my personal representative to the prince. Securing Scotland I believe is the first step to reestablishing his Dynasty.

De Burre: He will want to invade England as soon as possible.

Minister: I understand this but only if Scotland is already his… I hope to have the Amy in Flanders put King George in a difficult situation… as he tries to decide between protecting England or Hanover and use this posttion to secure Scotish indepence.

De Burre: I’ll do what I can the Prince is not a pawn… he’ll follow his own interests first.

Minister: Naturally but you must impress on him that the interests of France and the interests of the house of Stewart are the same in the long run.

De Burre: I shall do so, is there anything else I should know?

Minister: I believe that is all for now unless you have any suggestions… (Burre thinks for a moment then shakes his head no) then with business done, on to pleasure. (Carriere at last takes drink from his own glass and takes a seat in one of the chairs) Please pour yourself some more if you wish and tell me more of the Prince’s adventure tonight.