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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter in Scotland.

Room in a castle some were in Scotland. General de Burre is sitting in a chair by the fire place drinking a glass off whisky; the bottle stands on a table a short distance away. Col. Mixter is sitting a similar chair not far away; he’s also drinking a glass of whisky. De Burre is dressed in the yellow sleeved-waistcoat and breeches of Regiment Clair; Mixter is in similar clothing but the dark blue of Royal-Ecossaise. Both men’s Uniform coats can be seen hanging in the back ground. A number of letters and news papers lie on the table with the whisky bottle or have fallen about the two men. Neither seems bothered by the mess, their attitude as they converse could be described as comfortable frustration.

Mixter: (looking up form a sheet of paper) I assume you have read Marshal Saxe’s report from the Field? Our old regiments are doing well.

De Burre: Yes, I’m pleased, I would like to believe that its much of it is due to our efforts here.

Mixter: I’m sure we are doing our part though I had hoped for a more active and heroic role. Acting as the Prince’s Prevost corps fine, and we had some fun digging out those English hold outs but…

De Burre: You mean you don’t find sorting out 300 year old clan feuds to be rewarding and fulfilling work? Well we may be done soon Minister Carriere has written me, he plans to send the English a peace offering.

Mixter: It will include a free Scotland?

De Burre: So he says but seriously France would abandon us if it suited their interests… but a free Scotland, allied to them, is in their best interests. In any event Carriere won’t leave us twisting at the least he’ll arrange for French Volunteers to be returned home.

Mixter: Exile again… no I don’t think I could live with it….

De Burre: Well a ‘friend’ of mine in London says the Electors army is on the march you may get your heroic death, or if we can win… then I think you ‘home’ in Scotland will be free… but taking back my home in England is still beyond our power.