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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Battle of Swarkestonebridge (Game)

We gathered at Hobby Bunker  to try this what if scenario for the 1745 rebellion see my previous post for back ground and some information on forces.
 Above you can see the English Cavalry in the far left, regulars (2 stands) in the center and to the right and left of the village. Refugees are fleeing across the Swarkestone Causeway.
 The Scottish host advances and the Devonshire Blues score first blood with an excellent long range volley causing two casualties and a disorder.
On the English left the Cavalry clashes the battle swung back and for for a few turns in the end the English cavalry fled after routing one unit of Scottish horse The English fled more due to the devastating volleys from the Irish Piquetts.
 On the right the Scottish infantry pressed in and after a sharp fire fight...
 Charged! and thanks to the Ferocious Charge special rule they send several units routing off table or stumbling back without even the need for hand to hand combat. The Scots pressed in giving and taking damage but mostly things when the Scottish way.  4 Scottish units where broken but a similar number of English fled as well and then a daring Scottish leader pushed forward in a daring move....
 Risking pass through fire the daring Highlanders seize the bridge!
The British try to shoot them off the bridge but they are unsuccessful bad dice at exactly the wrong time for the English!  With more Scots coming on board the English are doomed having held for 5 turns.

Every one enjoyed the game though the Highlanders Ferocious Charge rule was too strong by all agreements.  When I do this game again at a minimum the English Regulars would be immune to this affect more likely I would drop it and make the Scots Tough fighters and weaken the Militia's hand to hand.