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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Well Fencing Frog has hit another milestone: 50,000 page views thanks for dropping by and taking a look and reading my battle reports and occasional opinions. Its been an exciting year I launched and eBay store and a face book page https://www.facebook.com/FencingFrog which you should visit and liked I have been hovering at 29 likes for a while. (I do put additional content there in the form of full photo gallerias of miniatures and gaming events so it is worth your while)  I also took up my pen with with Table Top Wars and Warriors over at Troll in the Corner. I have not lent my efforts there in a while but I plan to keep contributing.
Gaming wise Longstreet has opened up the Civil War period and crafting the Texas Brigade was great fun they have had a rough time in battle so far but the game is quite exciting.  I have been making plans for a Yankee Brigade to battle them so Cortland can get his men back one of these days.  Flames of War has fall a bit by the wayside not because I am not interested but more because the guys at Game Castle have lost interest. 

I'm looking at some possible skirmish armies for Ronin and/or Gods and Mortals.  Maurice and Longstreet are my personal favorite games and I must say my intro to DBA has been fun and I have to think about getting an army or two and playing that game more.

I'm pulling up on 500 post so I need to think of something special to mark that anyway thanks again for reading.