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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Battle of Swarkestonebridge (plan)

Coming this Saturday I shall have some employment for my Highland Army as I put on a game for Boston Trained Bands.  I am using one of the scenarios suggested in Wargames Illustrated 296.  Historically the one battalion of of British infantry in position at Swarkestonebridge decided it didn't want to fight the entire army Prince Charles all on its own so it fled the scene. The position with its single bridge and long banked causeway with a small town at each end is a good place for a small force to try and stop (or delay) a large one.
Taken from WI 296 Page 35
So I am casting William Cavendish 3rd Duke of Devonshire as an unlikely English Leonidas who has chosen to sell the lives of his 700 Derbyshire Blues as dearly as possible.   He'll have the support of some British Cavalry and a company or two of Regulars he picked up some place.  He will be facing Murray's entire  division. The Game will be played with each unit representing a "company" of about 100 men or so.  The British will have seven units for the Blues, two units of cavalry and two units of Regulars. The Highlanders will come on in waves about probably about eight units of infantry and two of cavalry  and a gun or two the first turn then similar numbers of infantry arriving until my Highland army is all on the board after that any broken brigades will be removed and replaced with fresh Highlanders.  The English want hold as long as possible, they cannot "win" in the traditional sense but if they can slow and bleed the Highland army they can affect the course of history.

The Game will be played next saturday December 28th at the Hobby Bunker .