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Friday, December 20, 2013

Ugly French (1)

OK so normally having project were I paint French troops from the 18th century would be a pure joy to me, not this time.

Jon, Cortland and Adrian are running a Musket and Tomahawk game in February at Total Confusion.  they picked out figures from Armies in Plastic because they are cheep to provide troops for the event. I offered to help paint. 
 We agreed to do them like shiny toy soldiers of the old school variety.  I may have done too much was to really get the effect. As an economical choice these are fine.  Heck I will probably pick up a box or two for my Nephew at some point.  The poses range from the good to the bad to the ridiculous.
 The officer is one of the good ones though he looks more like a duelist than a man in a battle. I'm not sure what to do with the scroll so I did nothing just left it off white.
This is actually one of the best poses it close to how one stands in some drill books when ramming (not any French Drill books mind you) its a natural and practical stance.
 You won't find this in the maul of arms but its a natural pose lest call this one bad but not too bad.
 My second least favorite figure call this one ridiculous.  Real world tip if you hold a musket like this you will loose it when you fire and break the nose of the man behind you (and possibly your own color bone!)
Finally our high stepping man with a bayonet (my least favorite) he looks like a bare foot man trying to cross hot sand. I have six more of these to paint.  All and all I guess they came out reasonable good it has not been my favorite project.