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Friday, December 13, 2013

Longstreet Game 2

John and I met at the Hobby Bunker for a game of Longstreet.  Our scenario was Crossroads, each of us had about 350 point for a 1863 game.  John had the Foreign experience biography card while had Mexican War Veteran.  my plan was to pin John at the cross roads and sweep him on the left with infantry and Cavalry.  I found myself with a good plan but had a hard time pulling it off very much like  a lot of Civil War commanders. Above you can see my pinning force three more regiments are to the right.
Initially my sweep was going very well John was quite nervous about this regiment and battery.
John's battery starts to take shots and got one of my guns my advance is about to hit the rocks but that battery and regiment still look vulnerable.
My batteries are now in place and the 10th Tennessee is passing through the rocky ground
My batteries are in play and John is shifting men to the right.
Oh the left on regiment is keeping two of Johns busy ready to charge I only got the men on the right just out of range of the men in column.
Launch my charge left and right and win in both cases, though John only looses one gun thanks to his use of the cards.
The 3rd Arkansas(lead unit on the right) have been taking heavy fighter being made worth my a lucky use of "they couldn't hit an Elephant..." card on Johns part I rolled a 5 and had to pass stalling my advance as I call for a new horse. 
I close in but losing the 3rd Arkansas and combined with damage to the 10th Tennessee which is also down to two stands and other casualties I am close to my shatter point
John counters on the right and charges getting just enough damage to put me in range John rolls a 6 passing my shatter point  and wins the game.
We played two more turns just to get more experience I launched some desperate charges and drove John in on the right and in the center but suffered badly when John counter attacked.

Cards make destroying even small units a slow process and gives a small force the ability to hold out against a larger one.  The move or close for combat option really makes timing you movements key. John was very excited by his  first game and I look forward to getting another shot at him. .  Thanks again Cortland for lending me Yankees so I can try out these rules.