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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Arab-Israeli War (Flames of War) at Game Castle

To my great surprise Flames of War made a return to the Game Castle last night and man are we rusty!
Rob and I split an Israeli Tank company while Ted had an Egyptian and Tim had a Jordanian Armored force.
A very verdant piece of the Middle East
 Proxy for Israeli infantry the first few turns saw rob and I pushing forward killing tanks..
And Arab Infantry with a combination of tank fire and air strikes
Then the Arab's got their reserves....
We did OK in the shoot out but not good enough to endure the return fire.
Rob looks concerned as Ted brings in more tanks....
Tim and Ted consulting the rules
More Arab Tanks... we didn't get enough kills with this air strike
and then the Jordanian infantry arrived and it was all over!
Just some Eye candy here these were painted by Tim.
Ted id these guys I really like the search light details!
Rob's Israeli Command tank.  The game was fun but AIW just isn't my cup of tea maybe its because it touches too closely on modern politics.