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Saturday, December 14, 2013

DBA with Boston Trained Band (2)

Having had a good time playing DBA at the Boston Trained Bands ancient day this time we were doing Medieval armies. I got the Black prince and his colorful English army.
 My general in full Plantagenet heraldry
 Maureen painted all of these by hand in 15mm and that's just amazing, I don't have that sort of skill
Oh and she did each of them twice! As English Knights fought on foot as much as on horse back. Maureen and her Portuguese army was my first opponent.
 I was the aggressor and that forest in the middle put me on the horns of a dilemma I decided to try to hold on the right and swing left this turned out to be to complicated especially as my pips rolls were mostly on the low side
 I shouldn't have sent men through the woods.
 Maureen goes in on my right....
 As my left begins its swing.
 I got one quick victory as my Longbow men took out the Pistoli
 On the right the dismounted knights have crashed into my lines...
 and Auxillas are threatening the right flank! I lost the spearman and that turn and then bowmen and archers the following
I was in good shape on the left but one om my archer threw a 1 as it cam out of the woods against the Moorish archers and I lost my 4th stand and the game
While were playing a great battle from the Seven Years War was raging near by and it looked great!
The War-machine crew was also there running a tournament. I didn't get to see much play but it looked quite lively.

In my next game I faced Steve and his Army from Grenada (another of Maureen's excellent collection)
 I opted for the primitive cannon this time they on on the right to keep the light cavalry off that flank.  Steve set his Lt. Cavalry around the back of his army to the left but the gun gained me time for my simple go in and crush them plan.  After the last game I saw great virtue in a simple battle plan!
 I crashed into the Granada force It didn't all go my way but I got two of Steve' stands fairly quickly and then another one in a latter turn.  He had bad luck with his pips and couldn't take full advantage of his light Cavalry.
 I kept hammering the front line even as his men swept in on the left and one of my Long Bow stands got a lucky roll of 6 a the same time that Steve's Lt. Cavalry got a 1 doubling the unit and ending the game. Steve gave me a scare and played a good game but I got a clean win with this one.