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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hunting Smugglers

So Rich had a wonderful set up for Skirmish game set in the late 18th Century in the south of England I had a Royal Navy press gang...
 and a Revenue enforcement squad.
I was there to get crew for the fleet(press gang) and find contra-band. One thing I noted looking around the board regarding my press gang... they had few weapons...
as compared to the smugglers or...
even the town folks! So grabbing men by force seems like a bad plan.  The Revenue men that seemed more clear grab smugglers!
I headed straight for the nearest group and called on them to surrender and be search in the name of the King!  I let two shots when they refused and killed one. I am called in by the militia but after an examination of documents and uniforms we are all ready to hunt those up to no good
And there are lots of smugglers up to no good
The militia takes a shot at the smugglers and cavalry comes to join the fun.
Meanwhile the smugglers are among the sheep!
The revenue me and smugglers are in a real brawl now with the militia doing their small part
The masters mate in charge of the press gang orders his men into the fray but to no avail I failed at least 4 times.
My revenue men and the smugglers are battling to mutual annihilation.
The other band of smugglers has made it away with the sheep, for the win.
Of interest one of our smuggling band was a French landing party!