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Monday, August 26, 2013

Hobby Bunker Game day (2): Not so Quiet on Western Front

In the second game I found my self with the German army defending a stretch of trench from a veritable horde of allied troops.
Old Friends Scott and Nimai were across the table.
French infantry and tanks approach on my right.
Monstrous British tanks approach in the center.
Hey Nimai "Welcome to Duechland" (if you don't understand this look at last game days battle report) French Infantry falls to Machine Gun Fire.
the British tank takes out one of the German MG bunkers
Artillery strikes US Marines
Trenches are looking a bit thin...
A hit by German Artillery on a tank... its damaged but grinds ever forward.
More French Storm the wire with support form Allied tanks.
Despite having their tank roasted by a flame thrower Scott and Nimai look fairly please...
An they should the Allies have over run the first trench and the Germans are in full retreat. not a good day for the Kaiser.  The rules used here are some home brew a lot of fun but a hard go for the Germans with all those tanks.