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Monday, August 5, 2013

Re-Building the French Estate part II

As you can see work is progressing well. A top down view barely shoes the main crack that ran across the courtyard. The whole made int he courtyard floor has been filled with spackle and at the suggestion of a reader a fence of tooth picks built around the whole. This will be filled with the wild flower from Army Painter to make a garden.  
Paint covers a lot I am thinking a little spackle may be in order here to fill in the gap the chunk that was taken out of the all at the top is a conundrum.   I could fill it with some putty or leave it as is... or possibly use some Army Painter Ivy to cover it.
This rack is a happy accident it looks like it belongs and maybe even makes this section of wall look better.
This is the sectioning of wall adjacent to the new garden I will probably partly cover the cracks with Army Painter Ivy leaving just enough visible to suggest a weakened section of wall.