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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cold War Commander

The Group decided to do some Cold War Commander with Micro Armor.  Dave and Rob commanded a NATO force While Ted, Chris and I commanded the forces of Mother Russia.  NATO set up a cross fire and we just had to walk into it. Below you can see my T-72s which were the only ones to get to cover.  I Shot up one of Dave's platoons but Ted paid the price.  Chris did surprisingly well against Rob's M1s but was taking heavy casualties when I decided it was too late and I had to head home.

I am not sure how I feel about these rules. We were doing a straight tank fight with no air, infantry or artillery so I may not be able to judge it fully.  One thing I am uncertain about is the command system the fact that you can keep issuing commands until you fail a command check means I go you go turns in to I go, I go, I go... and the other player is stuck making saves and hopping he has enough to hit back on his turn.  The game played slow compared to FOW, Maurice or Black Powder but that's probably just a question of familiarity with the rules.