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Extra Life
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Thursday, August 22, 2013


I got some 18th Century Civilian miniatures from Blue moons pirate collection. One of the best of the male figures is this blacksmith.
  The smith himself is from blue moon the anvil is form Musket miniatures, they work together well.
 I loosely based the figures out fit on my friend Dean who portrays a black smith at Revolutionary War reenactments.  If you have the need you can Hire the real Dean for metal work. The brick pieces are from Flames of war I made the square one into a platform for the fire.  I don't have the bits for a bellows but if I find some the low brick wall will give me a foundation to mount it.
The short breeches give him a way as an 18th century man but other wish he could work a valuable member of a village in any era.