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Friday, August 9, 2013

Peace Keeper (I mean Aquan) Battle Carrier Talyn

I haven't had another chance to play with them but I have continued to build my Aquan fleet for Fire Storm Armada.
 This is a Manta Class Battle Carrier a ship with a formidable number of weapon and enough fighters to swamp a small fleet. This fits perfectly with the Peace Keepers form Farscape who uses a ship called a Command Carrier as the corner stone of their fleets.
 I have named this ship Talyn and I imagine this a decedent of the original Talyn from the series, there is less of the eye catching red in then the ship in the series and of course this living ship is not mentally ill.
 I still need to get a coat of sealer on this guy and maybe hit a few highlights. Otherwise its ready for action as my flag ship.