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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hobby Bunker Game day (1): With Fire and Sword

I was very excited to get a chance to play this game.  The 17th Century is a colorful period especially in Easter Europe where the cross roads of European and Asian Cultures meet. With Fire and Sword is a game that has gotten a lot of positive buzz both from their Kick Starter and some great reviews form Anatoli and others.
On the left is my pal Chris who you may recall is a Polish enthusiast but he showed up late so he got the Swedish Right Wing Cavalry (I offered to switch spots but he declined)   I ran the Polish Left Wing Cavalry and acted as army commander.  My plan was simple have the Polish infantry hold the town while seeking a win on both flanks. Mat ablely commanded the Polish foot while Paul lead the Right wing Cavalry.
The horse soldiers on the left closed in fast Cossack screening the Winged Huzzars
The battle for the village developed more or less as I had guessed it would with a savage short range fire fight.
On the left my Cossacks engage the Swedish Reiters..
While Paul's Huzzars and Pancernie mix it up with Reiters on the right.
I managed to cut up one Reiter and to do some damage to some other. my Pancernie were put out of position by Chris' cowardly withdrawal and hit pikes instead (not good)
The cavalry swarms on both flanks as the infantry batters each other in the middle
Swedes are running in on the right...
and the Polish are chasing them!
My Winged Huzzars crash into the Swedish Rieters I roll really well and these guys are the best one shot cavalry in the game (after the lances break they are still good but on the first charge with lances they are devastating) Chris and his Swedes don't really have a chance. The break and I ride them down.
Paul gets similar results on his flank.  We have to call time had the game continued I think the Swedes would have held the town but the Polish would have had the hills around it.  I call this one a minor Swedish Victory though one the Polish could probably write up as a great triumph on their side as well.

These rules really played well once we got the hang of them. Cavalry actions are fast and furious while infantry is slow and steady.  Each army had a very different feel to it. I look forward to playing it again.