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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hobby Bunker Game Day (3): Mockern

Last game of the night was a return to Mockern North of Leipzig. I have done this game as a the French so I took the roll of Prussian General von Horn.
 Chris on the near left and Dan on the near right are running the Prussian Cavalry left and the Prussian infantry and cavalry on the right respectively . You and see Mike owner of Hobby Bunker in the center Chis' dad on the left and Gordon of Adler hobby on the right running the French.
 Turn one the French center and right advance and take the key cross roads town... the Prussians fail all their command rolls and sit still drinking beer or something.
 Finally the Prussians get moving with the Swedes (run by Rich) trailing behind and tossing rockets at the French.  Unlike my game at Huzzah! the rockets got zilch done.
as you can see the French are in a great position two Divisions of infantry in front of and one in Mocker. We are pretty much screwed at this point.
 Dan swept in with two units of cavalry forcing the French into square this keeps us from hitting the infantry but leaves the Artillery exposed. We also hammer the squares with our own artillery causing one of them to fall back.
 Well thats a little better but really the French are still in a very good situation occupying the building
 We press forward engaging the French.
 Chris and his father are engaged in a massive cavalry battle on the left the Prussians win..
 In the Center I have a battle with the french it swings back and forth for three turns... before I finally break them as the night draws to a close the Prussians have won on the left and are winning in the center but the French hold the town of Mockern. A French Victory though a bloody one, perhaps even Pyrrhic.