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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Musket and Tomahawk Play test

Got together with Cortland, Jon, and Adrian to try out a French and Indian War Skirmish Game called Musket and Tomahawk.  Adrian provided the Figures and scenario Cort and Jon the terrain.  This is a game they plan to present at a con.  They are looking for a classic toy soldiers look with the 54mm plastics. 
British regulars and Rangers defend the village they also have two units of provincials off board
French Regulars and Indians ready to do harm (under my command of course).  Terrain is a little spare compared to what is recommended in the game book but worked alright.
Indian forces move as tokens until spotted, some are decoys and some are real units.
Jon's regulars take and advanced position and soon found themselves taking shots form 3 Indian units and my french regulars
They did not last long.. good thing for him he has another unit.
Rangers move up and start taking shots at my regulars.
Over several turn I loos a lot of men.  My Indians are also stalled for a few turn thrown back by the fire of the rangers.
Finally I get a lucky shot and kill one sending them back and giving us a chance to advance
Cort's Indians get into the village and destroy on unit of regulars (one more with only one man is hiding in the far building)
My much reduced Indians get into hand to hand range with the Rangers and kill three. Adrian tries a counter attack and pays the price. Its a bloody win but the french have it.

A bit about the game: its card driven each unit type has a certain number of cards Indians and irregulars (like rangers)  get 4 that give you 1 action each. Regulars get two cards but it provides two actions.  You have to load after each shot so having only 1 action per card is a limitation.  Jon thinks we should have been more aggressive getting in close with the Indians rather than shooting it out.  I don't know that he is right given the open ground we had to cross but having to load did slow us down so if there was more cover he may well have been right.

The figures are form Armies in Plastic the troops on one side or the other look exactly the same except for the color of the plastic.  Most of the sculpts are pretty good with a few exceptions...
Like this guy who would lose his musket as soon as he fired it, and might break his collar bone in the process! Oh well once painted they should look ok in a "Little Wars" toy soldier sort of way.