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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Re-building the French Estate IV (completion)

OK its was good deal of work but the French Estate is ready to be shown in its completed state and ready for armies to fight over it.
 In this over head shot you cannot see the cracks in the court yard they are still visible up close but most of the time on the table you won't notice them.
 The gravel road and road leading up to the gate looks great as does the clump foliage hedge.
 The crack on this side is now hidden behind the tree also it provides a way for young men and women to get out the window.
 Ivy and clump foliage on the cracked garden wall you can just barely see the crack if you know were to look but even when you see it blends now.
 Garden no fills in the hole left when pieces were glued together.
 A look at the main building and the tower window which came out really well if I do say so.
The rear wall of the villa small cracks but as they cross into the exposed masonry I left them as is the blend well with the piece.  This was a fun project how do people think I did?