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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Great Rebasing Project of 2013 (4) Austrian Cavalry

 Austrian Cuirassiers Nothing fancy here though the sharp eyed can see they were once two different units one with Cuirass exposed and the other wearing them under their coats. All of these were painted in 2010 or so.
 The Jung-Modena Dragoons nominally from one of Austria's Italian Possessions
Prinz Savoyan Dragoons the regiment carries the name of Austrian most Famous General the great Prinze Eugune of Savoy
 One of my favorite dragoon figures with Pistol at the ready. 
 Batthayani Dragoon as Painted by my friend Robert Burr at the time (and probably still) Rob was well ahead of me in painting
 As you can see from my interpretation of the same unit.
Liechtenstein Dragoons