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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cold War Comander

Rob's HQ an Israeli Half-track with a Racing Stripe
 Several of the guys at Game Castle have been building armies for Cold War commander.  I have not tried the game yet the two armies were realy too small for extra players to do more than watch.  Both their miniatures and our understanding of the game are  works in progress.
 Peaceful village some were in the Middle East

 The Israeli army is on the move
 So are the Egyptians as an 18th century enthusiast I can only admire their fine linear formation.
 Rob Commanding the forces of Israel.
The two armies got very close before firing I'm not sure exactly the scale involved here certainly in Flames of War shooting would have started further back.
 Rob and Tim overlook the battle field
 Red prepares to attack and...
 Draws first blood.
By the time I was ready to leave (I was not feeling 100% and bailed early) two tanks had been destroyed but as each tank can take more than one hit (4 or 5 is typical) more damage may have been done.