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Friday, June 21, 2013

Ople Maultiers Pioneer Vehicles

Opel Maultier 001
These are Opel Maultiers from Battle Front which will soon see use as Pioneer vehicles. Pioneer vehicles are special they give you a re-roll when you try to dig your troops in. They also grant you minefields, or barbed wire in certain missions. I stuck to a simple paint job using Vallejo green ocher for the body and cork brown for the flat-bed. A sky blue with a little white highlighting in silver-gray. The wash is Secret Weapon's armor wash not my usual brand but what was available and its working well enough so far.
Opel Maultier 002
The Maultier is actually a half-track so it can deal with the mud of Russian roads.
Opel Maultier 003
 This particular Maultier is loaded with entrenching tools, mines, boxes of supplies and tanks of gas.Opel Maultier 004
Hey you maggots unload the supplies!