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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Great Rebasing Project of 2013 (5) Imperial Cavalry (1)

These are regiments of cavalry using Austrian or Riech Army uniforms. I had some odd numbers to work with so bit of mixing and matching was done.  There are several more units of this sort to go.  Remember these were painted some time ago and are not up to my current standard but do look good on the table.
Kurfurstin Lieb-Dragoon Regiment of Platz a small but fairly wealthy German principality.  They were of the same family as the Bavarians
These Cuirassiers are also a Platz regiment the Oberrheinische Kreiseskadron I liked them because they are a break from the white and red of most German Cuirassiers.  They suffered a bit from the humidity back when I gave them top coat but still look acceptable on the game table.
I am especially looking forward to seeing this guy in skirmish games.  I wish more cavalry were shown using pistols, true its not exactly historical but it always looks cool.
 Two units of KKR Hohenzollern an collection of troopers form various German states.
 My Riech Army flag set had two flags for this unit I do not know which is correct
As this regiment was made up of many small contingents (some a few as two men) I think the two units have painted using both flags work well for generic German cavalry.  So more cavalry is ready for Maurice or Black powder. The end of this project is a fair way off yet still more Germans and I have not even touched the French and English yet!