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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Locked and Loaded at Game Castle

Its been a little quiet game/hobby wise over the past few weeks.  Chris had a new chit game Locked and Load Band of Heroes.  I was playing part of the 6th Falshimjager regiment defending Carentan while Chris had command of Easy Company of the 506th regiment (101st Air Born)
One of the things I liked was the deployment arrangement I got elements of my unit I could reveal as the game went on.  I got to see how Chris was approaching my side of the board and deploy men to meet them. Basically I was trying to keep Chris out of the east side of the town the part to right of the center road.
I was mostly successful doing this, successful enough to secure victory though Chris did kill two of my quads and had partial control of one of the large building. Over all I liked the game and would play it again.   Deployment worked well as did shooting.  I am not sure how I real about assaults as their is not closing or defensive fire of any kind. The Sniper worked really well much better than I have ever seen in Flames of War. Over all I prefer miniatures but these are a good occasional alternative.