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Monday, June 24, 2013

Troll in the Corner

Jon form War Game Recon asked me to join the team at Troll in The Corner.  Along with Adrian of New England Grognard I will be bringing some War Game and modeling content to the site. 

There will be some duplication between the two sites but I will try to make it worth your wile to look at both. I fully intend to keep Fencing Frog going at more or less the same rate of posts you have seen in the past.

Since Troll in The Corner has focused on RPGs I'll be drawing parallels between the two gaming experiences and explaining a few things that I figure the war gamer crowed here understands without being told.   Troll in the Corner also gives me the opportunity to talk about the gaming industry, and culture some thing I have flirted with here a few times but I have never felt entirely comfortable doing in this venue. Troll in the Corner has a staff of editors who I can bounce things off of when I fear I am getting too out spoken something I feel I need when I am speaking about things beyond my own  gaming circle. That should keep me out of unintended trouble.