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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Freeman's farm at Jon's house

 The Battle of Freemans Farm one for the key battles of the American Revolution. Cortland took the role of General Poor while I in the dual roll of General Learned and General Morgan. We start with two small units of Morgan's brigade on the board.  They are hiding in the woods in theory the British don't know they are there but since every one read the book we just kept them on the board.
 Jon was in command of Hamilton's Brigade including these pickets in advance of the main body.
Adrian on the left is in the roll of General Frasier and commands British elites and some Canadians and Indians.
Adrian advanced on the left...
Jon advances on the right.... I try to advance but my turn but i fail my first of many command rolls.

The British advance into range and Morgan's light troops open fire. This allows us to arrive on the board
Courtland sweeps in on the road.... flanking our British cousins.
Learned has more trouble it takes two turns to get on and then its in a ragged formation.
I continue with poor command toll the 8th Mass advances to fight all of Hamilton's brigade alone! Oddly with Poor's brigade helping and the lights sniping form the woods Hamilton's Brigade breaks and Jon is sent back pedaling.
Cortland and Poor's brigade advance.  I call a flag on the play for illegal formation! No one used Attack column in the American Revolution! But Black Powder allows it.
With Jon backing up I send I try to send Learned's Brigade in to Adrien's flank but only one unit move! Darn command Rolls!
What a mess! two intermixed American brigades... Fortunately Jon with broken brigade cannot take advantage of it
A turn latter you would think we had it all under control. The 8th Mass just like when I was a reenactor is opposite the grenadiers. We get in some good shots... so do the.
Especially when Adrian unlimbers the gun.
Natives in the Woods break my light troops my flank is now open
The shootout continues and the 2nd Mass Breaks my Brigade can only loose one more unit so...
I charge with the 9th Mass and they drive back the Grenadiers!  Though just barely.
Its looking up but Adrian does the same and charges me.
His much maligned Canadian troops break the 9th Mass breaking Learned's Brigade and the American army.  It was a close thing but a British Victory.