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Sunday, June 9, 2013

German Training Exercises at The Whiz

 We had a common problem a the Whiz of too many Germans so Mark and played a "training excerices" his Grenadier platoon VS my StuG battery.  Take a look at his Batter comander in full dress a heck of paint job.
 Mark has his 10.5 CM, Flasheirmjagers and his three Tigers.  Lets get something out of the way Mark had a horrible game from a dice stand point, he took his beating like a man but his luck was so bad it went form funny to no fun fast so this will be fast AAR, I don't want to rub it in.

I started with my Two Tigers, Sturm Platoon and one platoon of StuGs on the board
 The game of Cat and mouse begins, Mark had Every shot counts, I had Rappid fire... a good match up.
 Mark had not luck here and he got out of line of sight so I stayed put leaving these behind cover and...
 Letting my 8.8s who just arrived on the board take on the Tigers and I got a lucky hit.
 Marks own rienforcemtnes after takikng out one my Stugs went after my Tigers for side shots but had no luck at all.
 At this point Marks already bad luck went bad I killed another Tiger with my 8.8s (the side shot missed)
 And my Tiger got one hit with the big gun and then my Sturm troops hosed them with MG fire and both platoons faild thier break test.  Mark go his Grenadiers on board but the next turn I hit them hard and Mark having faield about 10 infantry save in the same turn Makr decided he conceaded. I honestly felt bad about the game.
Chris who is with the Ranger program from a store in the Conneticut.  Aparently Battle Front forgot we had our own Ranger team at the Whiz, (oups!) not his falt and we made him welcome. He did some Vietnam demo, not a period I am intersted but the tanks looked very sharp.