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Friday, June 28, 2013

1st game at my place

My Friend Luke is home on leave from the Marines, he always like to get in a game of Flames of War so I was happy to host.  My dinning room table is a bit narrow but my hope was that would lead to a fast result and maybe get us two game. I was half right but traffic kept us from getting in a second game.
We played a "free for all"  mission. I had first move but other than advancing my infantry to cover an objective better I didn't move much. I drew first blood with my 8.8 AA guns killing a T-34/76.  Luke got two of my Neblewerfers and two infantry men with his tanks MGs.
On turn two I had some realy good luck and Smashed both Luke's T-70s and his T-34/76 platoons.
Luke did manage to bail a StuG (Luke's dice were very unfair to him) with his T-34/85s on my right. He also made a bold flanking move with his HQ and lone surviving T-34/76 on my left. They missed their side shots unfortunately for him.
I Got the HQ on the next turn though I lost a StuG in the process.
Luke Also got on of my 8.8 Flack guns with shots from his SU-85s but on the following turn my Stugs with the Help of a Pack 40 kill his T-34/85s.  By this point it was getting late, we considered switching sides but in the end decided against it. I am hopping we can get in at least one more game before Luke heads back for his next deployment.