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Monday, December 3, 2012

Tank Ace Trainng at the Whiz

When I got to the Whiz this past Sunday we found a very odd situation Seven players, 6 with Axis Armies and 1 Allied player.  Normally I carry both a US and a German Force but this Sunday I had decided to travel light and only brought my StuG battery list. So it was decided we would run Tank Ace games in preparation for the Tank Ace event at the Whiz next Sunday. 
Mark with German Infantry faced off against another player with an Indian list (Sorry sir forgot your name). The Germans won this little battle, (fairly handily from what I saw).
 Landon(in the picture above) and Jerry (not shown) faced off in a match up of Power against Power as both had a pair of King Tigers (we did 2 round tank aces with 700 points as we has set up full sized table)
 Bill and I had a different match up. He had a list of trained Panthers against my Veteran StuGs Backed by Nashorns. I drew First blood with a long range shot from an 88 that killed his Ace. 
 Bill was back on my fast taking out a StuG and a Nachorn
I managed to flank and kill another Panther.
 Bill has some bad luck and was down to one tank and trying to find a way out!  He didn't find one...

 Over all a good game on both sides I lost both Nachorns, and a StuG Bill lost 4 Panthers, I certainly had the better end of the deal.
 Ben next took me on with a Russian Assault gun(IS-122s?) force. These monsters had nasty AT 14 gun and a 9 for front armor. Being Russians they cannot shoot for beans.  I started the game by double bailing one with my Nachorns and driving it off board on turn 1.  We then moved into the woods were most of the action too place.
 I had really bad luck with my Bog test this particular Stug spent 5 of six turns here!
 Critics of Flames of war will hate/love these pictures, Ben and I kept turning in close proximity in the woods.  I needed flank shots, plus moving to the flanks meant Ben would need a six to hit me, and that was the only thing keeping me in the game as my luck was terrible
At the start of turn 7 (when the game ended) I had one Operational StuG let I got one of Ben's Assault guns (Is-122s?) and forced another to run away. My Nachorns flailed all but one Fire power check and my shooting was very bad.  Ben's dice were good if he had not needed a six to hit in most cases he would have shot all my StuGs out from under me.