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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Surounded at Game Castle

We decided to put together a mega game 4 players each with a 1500 point army Ted and Tim had 7th armor and the 101st Airborne respectively while Don and I commanded the Germans.  Don brought his Falshirmjagers while I had a Stum company.  We used the surrounded scenario for the book so Don and I set up first.
As has been the case with every Surrounded game I have played the defender has to make an all around defense...
and then the attacker puts every thing but 1 platoon on a single side of the board. I think this scenario is a bit broken the attacker should get punished for giving the defender a place to break out. 
 The action started out with an extensive barrage of mortar fire and air attacks. 
 Ted's troops came in close preparing for an assault.
 They smoked our Pak40 AT guns, limiting my support.
 Time and Don resolved a tank a attack on the infantry on their side. Tim made some progress.
 Ted was not so lucky running into my Stum platoon and its panzerfaust. I killed on tank and bailed out the other.
 But Ted came on again with more tanks! and this time I was not so lucky.
 I only bailed on tank and the others got in to hit me...
hard. I counter attack, and got a two more tank. Ted continued the combat and my platoon broke off but ted pursued and stated the whole thing over again.
Ted Lost a platoon of tanks and I lost a platoon of infantry and a platoon of infantry guns. German Mortars and Artillery were having a very good day so we called the game shortly after this.