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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Battlestar Galactica play test

Tim has been working on some rules for Battlestar Galactica and also working on some models. The rules a based of Mongoose Publishing's Call to Arms rules but ship stats are Tim's own (influenced by a number of offerings on the web)   I was cast in the roll of Imperious Leader (sorry John that was a terrible plan the old school Cylons are taking over).

The colonial Fleet(commanded by Ted)  their mission is to escape and save humanity... (hey were are all the crappy cargo haulers and transports!)
My Baseship Raiders and Heavy Raiders. Tim decided to put an asteroid field in my way that's OK my troops are replaceable so forward Han Cylon!
The fighters move in though the asteroid field I send the base ship around to the right of the field hoping to end around and hit the Battlestar before it can escape. Ted got the better of the initial dog fights, but over time my numbers would begin to tell.
 Ted getting some clarification about using the Galactica in an anti-fighter roll.
 Galactica's crew failed its roll and was not able to make it second turn making its run to the table edge harder. I have a few Heavy Raiders free and start pecking away a the ship with close in runs by the raiders and Missile strikes from the Base ship. (I had three racks and fired them two one turn then one the next, next time I will probably only have two racks)
 Run puny humans! Galactica breaks free of the melee but has been hit in the thrusters, my heavy Raiders give chase and the Base ship throws caution to the wind and begins closing to rail gun range.
 Don Laughs at the game table banter as the Galactica shrugs off the last barrage of Cylon missiles and makes the last second jump to light-speed. The Cylon's just missed killing the Galactica, a lot of colonial fighters died (so did a lot of Cylons, but they are replaceable) and some one probably had raw hooray I am still alive sex in one of the Galactica's bathrooms.