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Monday, December 10, 2012

D'Argent's Cavalry

Finished up the two regular cavalry for the Grand Duchy of  D'Argent over the weekend. I have decided to call them "Horse" as they are intended to serve in as battle Cavalry but are not armored cuirassiers. They wear infantry style coats like most nations Dragoons.  They also have a waist coat made of heavy leather(Buff Coat) in the fashion of French heavy cavalry and have a scull cap built into their hats like other nations cuirassiers.

 Duchess Ariana's Regiment on Horse some times called the pink horse (some times in derision other times as a mark of distinction)   for their distinctive pink coats.  The color is know in D'Argent as Ariana Pink. 
 The 1st Squadron of this regiment serves as the advanced guard for the ducal couple when the travel and and picked troop of seven men are assigned to guard the Duchess and her ladies.  This service is much sought after the mothers of the nobility for their sons as it is generally seen as an opportunity to marry well.

 Not sure how common spotted horses are in Europe but I had some fun putting some details like this on these horses to avoid having them all be uniform.
 The main body of the regiment serves with the army and has a fine battle record.
 D'Argent's second Cavalry Regiment Prince Carriere is more conventionally dressed in royal blue and red.
 Nominally commanded by the Duke's heir, his brother.  This regiment is another popular destination for militarily mined nobles of D'Argent.
This regiment is more rigorously trained in infantry tactics and can operate as dragoons and has a reputation for dash and ferocity in the field. Duels between members of the two cavalry regiments are more common then the Duke would like and he does his best to discourage such proceedings.