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Monday, December 10, 2012

Tank Ace Tourny at the Whiz.

Got in 5 great games at the Whiz in Westborough MA.  First up was Ben and Stalin's Mighty IS-122s
Starting at range I got a bail early and covered some of his big guns with smoke forcing him to move. I had bad luck with firepower in this one.
 One of his big boys was isolated so I treid a shot at it... and missed...
 Be Got my ace, but on the other flank I got to his side...
 and got in some telling blows
 Ben Maneuvers to get his lone remaining IS-122 into position as I try running and hiding in the woods.
 I bogged... but Ben missed he also forgot his Volley Fire special rule...
This works both ways I forgot my Easy 8 had wide tracks.. fortunately the game ended 5 points for me 1 for Ben. 

Next I had a fast and fun game against Chris, once more facing the Russian horde. 
 As you can see our set up lead to something of fur-ball in the woods. I got the first shot...
 But didn't do nearly enough damage killing only two T-34s.
 I bogged again!
 With only two tanks left I move for the position and try to event he odds but.. 
 I only got one tank Chris still has four and mine are isolated from each-other, and I am missing.
 Chris did not miss I lost this one 4 to 1.
Third game was with Ricardo. US 7th Armor vs. US 4th Armor. 

 Ricardo was on the down side of the bell cure while I was on the up.
Ricardo conceded after about 3 turn with both his E8s and a standard Sherman dead. I won this one 6 to 1. 
 With my game over I got to snap some pictures of Ben and Chris playing soviet on Soviet
While Nick and Gerry were playing German on German. In retrospect we had some odd draws in this round. 
 Tank Ace's was not the only game at the Whiz. Bob Mark, and another players (Sorry didn't catch his name)...
  had an interesting looking Battle of the Bulge Scenario going. 
Final battle was with Nick I did seem to get this table a lot, possibly giving me a bit of an edge. Nick was running a Hertz Company similar to my StuGs.
 Nick played a really good game using his numbers to force me to face attacks in multiple direction
 I tried to focus on this prong of his attack moving in with my M4 Sherman tanks while doing cover fire from my E8s.  Did fairly well but not good enough... I had to turn form this attack
 To face this one....
 Then got smoked from behind by tho two survivors and three more Hurtzs that were hiding in the woods. We timed out after several more turn of move battle. I got one more Hurtz and Nick got one more Sherman I lost this one 4 to 3.
 One more pictures has to be shown form Ben's game with Gerry. I am fairly sure doing this to a cat  is illegal in most states.  Gerry got the top place in our tournament, I took second round two is next Saturday if any one is interested.  Everyone starts at 0 points for the day though people who played Sunday get to keep their experience.