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Friday, December 14, 2012

Refugees/Conscript labor.

I did these up to act as markers for refugee column for a game scenario that never happened. I have been trying to think of something to do with them since. Individually or as a group they would make a good engineer marker for use in Maurice.

 The Figures are mostly Bluemoon from their French and Indian War collection with two Old glory figures thrown in.  I think they work together scale wise.
 I have always loved this Austrian Pioneer, smoking his pipe on the march. The problem with such figures is they look out of place in a battle field unit... and they look worse when you have a bunch of casual figures because they all have the same pose.... (he's the only figure I would call causal in the Austrian set) 
 Still he looks great with this "unit" the professional keeping an eye on amateur engineers.
 Like these guys off to work or on the run with a few meager possessions.
 I was playing with some alternative lighting here... not really happy with the results.
The man with the slung musket is from the Old Glory's French set, again a great looking figure but he looks out of place with men marching with muskets at the shoulder.  Alone he looks like he is waving or maybe shielding his face from the sun.  Combined with other figures it looks like the unit is trying to salute but has forgotten how. Here he fits.