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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

X-Wing at Game Castle

Got to try X-Wing again last night I am impressed with the game. "Bergi" (Chris) acted as ref for the first two games. Tim played the Imperial pilot and I was cast in the roll of Biggs Darklighter.

 In the First game Tim managed to survive the head to head pass....

 He made a quick reverse and blasted me from behind.
In our second pass I learned the power of the target lock and hit his TIE hard as soon as it came in range
After some more maneuvers I got another hit blowing him up.
 The final game we did a two on one. A pair of TIEs against my X-wing. 
 I managed to isolate Tim but failed to kill him, and Chris cam in behind me. I had R2-D2  who kept my shields up...
At the price of doing any hard maneuvers. I took damage including a Crittical hit that meant I could take damage on hard manuevers but I had no choice I had to try...
Tim and I wound up head to head... I blasted his tie but Chris got me in return.

Ted had a FOW game going as well. Shermans Vs. Panthers...
 But who exactly is the cat and who is the mouse.