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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Regiment D'Angelo

 I would not call myself the best of painters but event the best make mistakes.  Regiment D'Angelo is one of mine. For some reason I started flocking the base before I put on the coat of gloss coat and the second layer of wash.  With the flocking done I didn't want to hit these guys again as it tends to make the static grass look messy.  So I just hit them with the dull coat and called it done.
 They don't look to bad but they don't have the same depth and pop the other units have had. Oh well they will look good on the table at a distance.  I am using these guy as on of my two conscript Infantry units. As a newly raised regiment they have no history to speak of just men eager to make their name.
Thanks to my loyal readers I had my highest number of hits in November about 50 views shy of 2500 views in a single month.  Feed back is greatly apriceated as are the efforts of those who spread the word.

Congradualtions to Breakthough Assult for their recent Liebster Award and my thanks for providing Fencing Frog with an "Honorable Mention." Ben and his team have an excellent blog and I am grateful for his support, and the free publicity.