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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tank Aces Week 3 at The Game Castle

After the frenzy of gaming of the last two weeks last night was rather calm. I have 5 games in at this "level" so its not possible for me to earn any more points. That said I can provide an opponent and new player Stan needed one for his 4th Armor list.

 I briefly considered using my Tigers but when I learned all his Sherman tanks were carrying regular 75mm guns I opted for my my StuGs. We has the checker board deployment Stan and I both started with 3 tanks in one "corner" and two in the other. I used a more central position so as to get every one back together quickly.
 By the end of Turn two I was thinking I might be in trouble since I got a bail and Stank killed one of my StuGs but Stan had trouble of his own.
 His Jumbo bogged giving me the chance to kill Shermans without the jumbo acting as a shell magnate. This I was able to do picking of his tanks one at a time except for the jumbo it was still alive when the game ended on turn 8. Stan had a plan it was even a good plan but it fell afoul of the dice as many plans do.

 Don's Fins killed on of Robs Tigers then the fight got into a long range game of hide and seek. Don lost a tank or two...
 But he and his Finish tank ace cam out on top.
 Chris and Stan's father had another battle between t-34/85s and tigers in progress. Both played smart Chris trying to isolate a Tiger while the German play refused to play along. 
 In the end Chris was able to out flank the Tigers and numbers told but both tank aces died.
Another image of Don and Rob's game

It takes a lot of shots to take out a Tiger

Flames of war is not the only game played at Game Castle Robin finishes up a game of 40K

Don and Rob in a game cat and mouse as Ted looks on.

 Rob and Stan also got in a game Tigers against Shermans...

 and it did not go well for the Shermans even Jumbos crack under repeated shots from a Tiger's '88"