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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tank Ace Tuesday Week Two (Over View)

I seem to be having an issue with the photos so here is a quick summery of the battles last night. Full battle reports of my 3 games will come latter today or tomorrow. 

My first opponent of the night was Don and his Finish tank company. 4 T-34/85 and one T-28 all fearless Trained. This was a long range shoot out on the farmland table, Don got one of my StuGs but I failed to get any kills Don won 6 to 2.

Ted and Rob were playing at the table next to us a hid and seek battle with Tigers facing Shermans an a village.  Ted won 4 to 1.

My second game was with Ted on the village board.  His Jumbo proved it worth yet again soaking up hit after hit. I got one of his Halftracks and bailed two Shermans but lost 4 of 5 StuGs Still Dumipfin was on a bit of a roll as he had now survived two games in a row. Ted won this 6-2.

On the farm land table Robs Tigers where battling the Irish Guards in a twisting turning that left a number of burning wreaks including one of the Tigers. Rob and Harry Tied 4 to 4. (though Rob racked up the kills).

Finally Chris arrived late with his "Polish People's Army" (Soviet Guard).  We played on Forest table, a long range shoot out between his T-34/85s and my StuGs.  My luck with the dice finally turned(that and shooting at trained Soviets) and I picked off his force one at a time with no losses including two kills for Lt. Dumipfin.  This was a 6-1 win for me.