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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tank Aces (2.1) Stug "Ace" Dumipufin

We decided to re-set the Tank ace campaign. We were expecting to have at least six players but Don didn't show up leaving us with a an odd man out. I got in two game last night any way one went well other was less good. Firs the tables.
Table 1 set up by me using mostly my own terrain was not used because we were short a player
Table 2 Set up by Tim using Game Castle's terrain, site of my 1st battle
Table 3 set up by Tim using Game Castle's, site of my 2nd battle
My First opponent was Raef (hope I got that right) and his 4th Armored Division tanks.  He fielded an E3, two Sherman 76 and one standard Sherman tank. Raef was fairly aggressive driving one tank forward on each side of the board while trying to snipe with his E8 from behind the building.
This approach was reasonably successful for him... 
 He killed my Tank Ace von Dumipufin on turn 1 continuing the trend from last week!
 I got his advanced Sherman 76 and killed his tank Ace on my turn then storm trooped deeper into the woods.
 Raef's flanking Sherman confronted one of my StuGs and the Surviving 76 killed another(in the back ground)
 The quick draw on the Flank missed and I killed this Sherman.
 My three surviving StuGs took positions in the woods and Landed hits on the 76 but only got a bail. Raef Backed off in to the field out of view. this ended the game my First Tank Ace win 5 points to 1.