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Monday, October 29, 2012

"Counter Attack" StuG vs. US Armored Infantry

 Since his son Ben had borrowed some of my figures I set up for a 1750 point game with Nick.  We got counter attack as a mission. Its interesting since the defender is actually the attacker.  I was the "defender" since nick has Patton riding along.
 Corner to corner set ups lead to crowded set ups.. Lucking for nick he got to move first!
 Nick Spread out but he didn't spread out too much! That is a lot of half-tracks and he had 4 template weapons to back them up. A 105 battery, an armored battery, a Scotts platoon and an armored mortar platoon (trucks acting as proxies)
 The the men dismount and you really know what the might of the USA looks like.
 My artilery had a good day pinning both platoons with this bombardment and I got reserves early you can just see the StuG platoon coming in to make trouble a the top left of the frame.
 Tank Destroyers flak the woods and take down one Tiger. Nick's Artilery are making life uncomfertable as well.
 I really like nicks bases with the small trees and my French farm house and vineyard look cool in the back too.
 Nick got my tiger bailed out things were looking grim when I did not get him remounted.
 The CO go the one of the TDs... but still looking grim.
 StuGs to the the rescue my fist platoon is hitting the armored 105s while their comrades...
 Are moving in on the gun battery. Nick contered with is Scots killing one StuG.
Then he launched two assaults with his infantry my Stum platoons MG teams drove both off with little trouble. We called the game at this point as a hard fought draw. In our After action discussion we agreed Nick owuld have been better off driving to the 2nd objective and digging in his infantry forcing me to attack.

Here are some additional pictures from the day.
Mark's Indians

Indians and tanks drive on German infanty

Mark and Ben had a game going with Hetzers facing the Indians.
Ben' initial attack bogged down but he chewed Mark up when his tried to counter attack.