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Monday, October 15, 2012

Free French Speed bump wins?

Decaurverte de Combat leads the way through the woods.
 This was the first game the Free French Tirailleurs Senegaliais managed to win.  I'm not sure how much I should make of that. 1) my opponent Ben was trying out a British Tobruk list for the first time and had the issues the fortified list gives lots of people in terms of set up. 2) My opponent was age 12 and he played well but I have been war-gaming longer than he has been alive.
 I also had Landon (age 10) as my second in command and another young man who looked on and asked question though out most of the game. Its great to see young people interested in Historical gaming (not that I have any thing against Scifi and Fantasy)
Landon's command 2 platoons of infantry, a pair of armored cars and two 75mm mountain guns
 Landon's job which he preformed admirably was to hold Ben's right most platoon and keep it in place so it could not reenforce the objectives in the center.
I sent my recon running ahead on the right to pin down the British 25 pounder Battery and bunker on the left. They also would serve as screen for the main attack on the center.

  As the pictures show I got hurt in both place by HMG and Artillery fire but I also got one Cannon and one bunker in quick order and would take out the second bunker on the left soon after. 
 The main push got a little stalled buy Ben's clever use of snipers to pin my infantry these guys held me up for 2-3 turns and if he had any mobile forces to exploit this I would have been in trouble.
 I sent my 20mm Portee trucks on a suicide run the wiped out Ben's gun battery but I lost for of the trucks to retaliatory fire. For a wonder I actually made the platoon moral check!
 Smoke was used to cover the first attempt on the center but Ben beat this back with MG and rifle fire.
On the final turn I killed Ben's last bunker and had two platoons in assault ranger with another coming through the woods. That and my flanking Decaurverte de Combat with their massed HGs and 20mm gun convinced Ben to call the game. Ben played a good game he built a good position with in the rules he'll get better with experience. Landon also did well I believe this was his second game.