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Monday, October 8, 2012

7th Armor Free for All at the Whiz

 Rob and I played a rather Strange free for all this Sunday at the Whiz. I was trying out a new 1750 point 7th armor list.  Rob was running a list form Devils Charge though I do not recall which one. I tried a pincer move with a tank platoon on reach flank and my infantry, supported by half-track mortars moving up the middle. Robs Panthers were on my right and turn 1 I failed to hit any one.  If act this is the first game with the AT13 US tanks that I have failed to kill a single German tank! Truth is both Rob and I had serious bad luck on the dice rolls had ether of us been average the game would have ended very quickly. Above Rob's Half-traks with 7.5cm guns have killed a Stuart and the Me262 is about to take out one of the E8 Sherman Tanks.

 Rob's Panthers were slightly more effective against me taking out one or two a turn the Jumbo was bailed for several turns holding me back. An artilry strik bailed every one in the platoon and I only kept the platoon on the board by using the Company coanders re-roll for platoon motivation. My 2IC is dead already and the CinC would die latter.
 I got not a single kill for the loss of 6 Sherman tanks including 4 E8 models. The Platoon CO and 2IC are all dead and Rob having lost his panzer grenadiers and Half-Tracks (after far more shooting then it shoudl have taken but when an full platoon whiffs its shooting 3 turn in a row you are in for a long, long day) was making moral check and I had finally turned the flank. Robs Artillery support was hurting as well. I had pressure from the infanty coming up the middle so I though I still had a chance. 
Then Rob took out the Flanking Jumbo and as that was the platoon leader the platoon was stuck. Rob passed is company moral check. He killed the other two tanks in the platoon the following turn and I was force to pass moral but could not with out a Company Commander or 2IC
Rob contemplates his victory Mark is moving his troops against Gerry in the back.
Mark and Gerry had a good game going. Marks 2nd US infantry took out Gerry German army including 3 Tiger II Tanks in a dog fight of a battle. I can not do an AAR but I have some pictures to share.

Burring King Tigers

Americans on the move.
Long Tom that dueled a King Tiger for several turns. The Tiger has just decided to back off.
German Armored AA chewing up US infantry but not enough of them.
Gerry brought this really cool church set with base to the game. Wish I could remember who makes it.