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Friday, October 5, 2012

Tank Aces (1 and 2) at Game Castle

In the interest of being able to get some quick games in we decided we would start a tank ace league at game castle.  We had four players Tuesday night, Ted US 7th Armor, Tim Hungarian tank hunters, Don Finish armor, and myself Panzer Company(StuGs).  My First game was against Ted's 7th Armored.  Ted had a Jumbo, and E8 and 3 regulars Sherman tanks with the support of a half-track mounted mortar platoon.

Don observes the battle
 Above is my initial set up, we had a fair amount of terrain including a number of really nice battlefront houses.  Both Ted and I played aggressively moving forward. 

 I got off to a good start killing one of Ted's Shermans and bailing the Jumbo.
 I was also able to get Ted's tank ace the E8 that can be seen 'hiding" among the buildings in the top left corner. My Tank ace was failing to kill any thing hitting a half-track and Sherman but only getting bailed out during the game.
 Ted started to turn the table moving in close for side shots and knocking out StuG after StuG.
 In the end I kill all Teds tanks but the Jumbo, but he got all my StuGs. StuGs should really stay at range but the Jumbo made me close in for side shots and I had bad luck with my Fire power rolls all night!
My second game was with Don and his Fins, you can the initial set up above.
 I tried to stay at range this time but lost my tank ace again! (see above) and though I got a number of good shots at Don a combination of good luck for him on his saves, and bad luck for me on my fire power tests meant I did not get a single hit. Don having secured two kills on me pulled back and made me come at him to try and get some more points.
 My last StuG bogged down on a hedge give you an idea of how this went. I lost again earning only the 1 point for showing up... so far my ace is not much of an ace! I did not play up to my normal level forgetting to storm trooper a fair amount and I made tactical errors in both games, leaving units isolated, or pushing forward too much.
Don and Tim play an Ace Game with Fins against Huns.
While we were playing Tank aces Bergi, Rich and Bob were playing a Napoleonic game using Regimental Fire and Furry.  I didn't follow the course of the battle but it ended in a Prussian Victory.