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Monday, October 29, 2012

"Free for All" StuG battery vs. US Armor

 I was contacted on the FOW New England Forum by Jose a new player who wanted a learning game so after talking over his list a bit we set up a Free for All mission to give him a taste of the game. He had a good list at 1500 points of US Armor. I used a variation of my StuG battery I kept the Tigers because Jose is in a tournament next weekend and its best to learn how to deal with heavies.
I have to brag about how nice my houses look on the Whiz' teddy bear fur tables.
Mark, Jose and Nick.
 Jose showed no "new guy" hesitation moving aggressively on both flanks. On my left he sent forward 5 Sherman 76 tanks and anther 4 standard Sherman tanks for good measure. on my right he moved up 4 Sherman and 5 Stewart tanks.  In the center put his Airborn troops into the woods and vineyard limiting my options there.

 Jose killed one of my StuGs with his first Volley of shots... So much for going easy on him.

 I countered with a bombardment of this 76s and managed to bail out two of them.
 With tanks on both sides we had a little joke about the observer calling the staff team and getting a message like "you fire mission is very important too us..."
 My next turn got some better results on the left forcing a test but Jose past with no tourble
 On the right I has some bad luck with fire power.. these guys remounted and did some damage to my StuGs in turn.
 I slowly pick away a the right flank attack but my Tigers are commited to this fight and I need help on my right.
 ON the right Jose's Shermans and my Stugs kill each other and with only his 2iC and my Company commander surviving. Then Jose launched two assaults with (on consecutive turns) with his stewards which I only just beat back with my Stum Platoon. Jose also got his surviving 76 and CO into position but the missed their shots. At this point time was called. (as it would be in a tournament).  We both killed two platoons so I believe that results in a 2-2 loss for both of us. Jose played well and was a fun and friendly opponent. Hope the tournament at Carnage is a good experience for him.