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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tank Aces week 2 Pictures at The Game castle

Don and I set up for the First game this would be a long range shoot out.
 My High point of the game two bailed out T-34/85
 Some times Storm trooper moves work out, some times they just don't!
 Don and I are both using the village to hide from one another.
 My ending position one StuG is dead but Dumipfin has survived his first battle

 Game Two high point I kill one of Teds Half-tracks! that was all I killed all game. I did bail out tanks on two other occasion but that counts for nothing in Tank Aces.
 Dumipfin escapes to fight another day after seeing all his buddies blown to pieces. I bounced hit after hit off the darn Jumbo Sherman to no effect.
A Burning Tiger and many Irish Guards Sherman Tanks burn around a french village.
 A very dangerous game of hide and seek.
 Yes you can surround a Tiger but the does not mean you can kill it!
 The Polish have arrived. Chris runs a Guards Tank Battalion as a Polish Peoples Army force against my StuGs.
 We snipe for several turns then Chris makes his move and the first T-34 is dead.
 I back off, I am happy to duel Soviets at long range.
A historic moment Dumipfin's First kill in 5 games. He also got Chris' last tank.