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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tank Aces (2.2) Stug "Ace" Dumipufin

 In the second battle I faced Rodney's D-Day Canadians as evidenced by the "naked" tanks Rodney is a new player so he had Ted (and me to a lesser extent) coaching him. I got one kill early on and then failed to do anything other than bounce hits or bail out Sherman.   
 By turn 4 von Dumipfin was all alone and sourounded! Three shots missed but...
The fourth shot hit and that was all that was needed. StuGs are in a world of hurt when a player with real tanks gets in close. So far my "Ace" Von Dumipfin (rubber dummy or so its translated in The Longest Day) has yet to record a kill. Surviving 4 turns is in fact his best performance. More Tank Aces Next Tuesday, we could use some more players, and some of us have armies to lend. For directions to the store: http://www.thegamecastle.com/