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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trucks and Suports

This post covers a bunch of stuff I have been working on to support my Escalation League armies.  

First up are the Rolls Royce Armored cars I got to support my Free French Senegalese troops.  True the Rolls is not an armored car that can actually be taken with this list but I never imagiend that Battle Front would make the Laffy S15TOE that is an option so these are intended as proxies. Since BF did come out with the S15 see these very nice model here: http://www.flamesofwar.com/Default.aspx?tabid=53&art_id=3142 I'll replace these at some point, if you like them let me know we can talk.

 The trucks on the left can transport my Senegalese or my German infantry.  Nothing special here just good services able transport and with the new rules for transport in Version 3 of Flames of war I may actually use theses on the table! 

On the right are the half tracks that will pull my 8.8 guns around the battle field. I also completed a Radio Truck for my battery of 10.5 CM guns.

My Free French AT guns are completed these are Old Glory minatures but they should be fine next to my Battle Front stuff at least its never been an issue for most items in the past

 Finally We have my new objectives for my Senegalese army.