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Friday, February 17, 2012

V3 Night Atack

Chris and I met for our second effort at Version three of flames of war.  We agreed to 1000 point armies but Chris had a hard time coming in at that point level with his commando (Polish of course) so we bumped it up to 1060, I was OK with that as I got an extra squad of pioneers.We also got 5 dice of "sporadic" airs support so each list was actually about 1200 points.

I have a Recon Platoon of Panzer IIFs, a Panzer Platoon of 2 Panzer IVF1s and 2 Panzer IIIJs(late) and a platoon of Pioneers with two Pak38 AT guns as part of the platoon. Chris' army was two platoons of Comandos, with Mortar and HMG platoons and a platoon of 3 Shermans.

We picked the night attack mission this is an odd one since it involved 5 objectives rather than the two or 4 that are normal in Flames of War.  So it turned out that the first three and a half turns were in darkness.

Chris was the attacker but I got to go first from the die roll. I used my recon move to get my Panzer IIs into the vine yard. Then moved my panzer platoon and HQ on the right to threaten one of Chris' objectives.

 Chris came straight at me in the center with his Shermans and a platoon of Commandos. the first two turns were mostly manuver, Chris launched on assult with his infantry but though he was driven back by fire he did not suffer any losses.

On Chris' side of turn three he got a two plain air attache (you only have to use one but Chris has these very nice Hurricanes).

Look carefuly you can see 4 bogged tanks! 
 Air no longer has to rang in on targets in the open and I quickly fund my self with a dead CO (and yes I remember the warrior save) a dead Panzer III and a bailed Panzer III.

I the Vineyard we had some craziness I had pulled back my infantry a bit and Chris and I had two tanks each bogged down. Chris used his 'live' tank to launch an assault on my infantry and his commandos to launch an assault on my Panzer IIs and Infantry.  Chris choose to resolve the lone Sherman first and my 2iC got shot in his tail pipe blowing him up.  Chris's infantry were again driven back by massed Rifle and MG fire.

On my Turn I also launched an assault and drove off his Commandos and destroyed his bogged tanks.  I then moved my tanks into a position to Cross fire Chris' remaining infantry and wait for turn 6. Chris moved his HMGs at the double to contest the objective (they died horribly the next turn) and then launched his remaining infantry at my tanks. He got hurt badly but gained another turn. I then assault Chris lone remaining commando platoon, his Company Commandeer did managed to knock out one of my Panzer IIs in a darning single man counter attack that actual won the the assault.

Still with only his mortar platoon remaining Chris was in trouble and his failed company moral check gave me my first V3 win. Thanks for a Great Game Chris!

Air power is now deadly even on a small board!

Assault rules are much better and the 8" rule much more sensible that what came before. 
I am really impressed with how easy it is to find things in the New Book by far this is the best improvement.